The chain tensioner

The original tensioner that comes in the kit is junk. So I decided to fabricate my own.
  1. Idler sprocket
  2. Pivot tab welded on.
  3. Frame prepped for welding.
  4. The beginings of the pivot bracket.
  5. Pivot end sleeve with bushing inserted.
  6. Pivot end sleeve and brass bushing.  This brass bushing has since been replaced with a shouldered brass bushing.
  7. First spring choice.  These were too soft.  .062" wire diameter.
  8. The assembly tack welded.
  9. Pivot arm tacked to pivot sleeve and tab.
  10. Idler sprocket sleeve tack welded to pivot arm
  11. 1/2" barstock pivot arm
  12. Idler sprocket with sleeve installed.
  13. Pivot sleeve installed on pivot tab.
  14. The completed assembly.
  15. Spring tab welded to pivot arm.
  16. Upper spring tab welded.
  17. Upper spring tab tacked.
  18. Spring attachment tabs.
  19. Pivot arm and sleeves fully welded.
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