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  1. jeff bike
    jeff bike 2 stroke ray
    I also built a number of drag cars, best one a 55 Chevy big block 10.40 quarter mile times. Tried to download pic to this site but did not work
    1. 2 stroke ray
      2 stroke ray
      Built 2 8.90 Vegas. One of my Chevy 406 CI is in a dragster going
      8.0. Had a 72 Chevelle and a monza also.
      Jan 13, 2017 at 6:09 AM
  2. Chuck lew
    Chuck lew mikemarley
    I have a simmilair bike do you like the feel of the frame I think it's to long?
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    2. mikemarley
      i actually love the way my skyhawk feels. ive got a seatpost that sits me back another 6 in but ive got pretty long legs. ive also got the board track handle bars that bring the controls back a bit so you dont have to lean so hard. other than that ive got a 29 front end setup. i like the feel of it better with a bigger front end it turns and rides better i think
      Jan 8, 2017
  3. jeff bike
    jeff bike skyash
    Skyash, thanks for your reply and that sounds good will do so. Have happy riding
  4. Street Ryderz
    Street Ryderz
    Happy New Year!!
  5. Street Ryderz
    Street Ryderz
    winter time lots of wrenches turning but no wheels!
  6. Steve Best
    Steve Best
    Gearhead and adventurer
  7. jeff bike
    jeff bike butre
    10-4 thanks for info
  8. Neptunati
    Neptunati Andy Birch

    Have any of you modified a CR80 expansion chamber and fitted it to your bike on a mountain bike frame? If so please can you post up a picture here to help me understand how they fit? Cheers

    You have to get creative on your own. You would have to cut and Weld and the exhaust flange to the motor. You'd have to have it custom made by a welder
  9. jeff bike
    jeff bike Tom from Rubicon
    Hey tom your bike is nice, just thought I'd give ya a hello
  10. Street Ryderz
    Street Ryderz butre
    What video? I wanna see!!
    1. darwin
      Yea, where's the vid?
      Dec 21, 2016
  11. BWB
    BWB butre
    Just watched your video of you "Terrorizing the neighborhood" you went past my street then you went to Steve's Lol We should ride sometime. That thing pulled hard going up Regents but I think I'll get you on the flats.
  12. Briguy
    Retired guy from Traverse City, Michigan. Life long motorcycle, motor scooter nut.
  13. TomyJ
    Yeaaaaa, I got my DMV motorized trike plate so now I am off and running, you guys should consider this Briggs and Stratton 4 stroke engine.
  14. pacman77
    hi pps have good day
  15. 2smokebiker
    Write stuff here
  16. commanderroach1999
    Experienced motorcyclist
  17. Cozmik Mezzenger
    Cozmik Mezzenger
    Wondering how long one is considered "New Member" on this forum.
    1. darwin
      Until your 50 years old!
      Dec 3, 2016
    2. Cozmik Mezzenger
      Cozmik Mezzenger
      I am already 58!
      Dec 9, 2016
    3. CrazyDan
      It's based on post count lol.
      Dec 13, 2016
  18. Doug Perry
    Doug Perry
    Sikk cruiser build,springer forks ,typhoon tires great at 30mph
  19. Tiberius Trettin
    Tiberius Trettin
    Hello I am Tiberius Trettin. I run a business related to electric bike which available at best price.
  20. Doug Perry
    Doug Perry
    Just joined very cool