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    turbo/chaos Guest

    Default crash and burn in texas

    on todays note it is not fun to be doing 30mph and ran off the road do to a
    college student and flying and sliding for at least 10 cars man i hurt
    a full fist size scrape from my shine and but elbows the holl muffler fried my leg and thank to a back pak i am in less pain but my bike is trashed
    all try to put pics of it but man i hurt and all get my revenge on the evil car people well truck and suv people they just dont care aboute bikes

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    thatsdax Guest

    Default Post some pics

    Post pics of damage. You and the bike. We need to see what 30mph damage looks like. Thanks..

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    Alaskavan Guest


    Sorry to hear about your "accident". Hope you can rebuild. You got to get back on the horse.

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    Gnarly! Sorry to hear about the carnage.

    Last night my buddy Richard and I went for a spin and I just about bought the farm on Brutus. I had to take a corner wide to miss a baby stroller and my tires made it off the shoulder into some gravel. After pitching the Brut slide-ways the tires somehow found traction and I managed to stay upright. Hysterical laughter ensued for the next 3 blocks...Good times, good times.

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    uncle_punk13 Guest


    Sorry to hear it dude, i'm glad you are (relatively) okay!
    I've had my share of incidents too. Just get her back together, and get back in the saddle, man...

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    turbo/chaos Guest

    Default crash and burn in texas pics

    well here they are amayzingly i did not get that messed up
    for flying and roleing for like well uhh lets say 6 cars and thank god for the backpak that i always have on and landed on it like 3 time from roleing
    and tucking in like a fetus but was going so fast that i could not hold it
    so i was just trying to hold it together and what i could not belive no one asked if i was ok or stoped well they did but they all left once i jumped up
    to get my bike but when i mean jump i did realy i only stayed on the ground
    for like nothing but here later and dang my neck hurts bad and the pain in the groing i think i pulled it

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    Alaskavan Guest


    It doesn't look like your backpack sustained much damage (the speakers still work?), but I'd bet you're gonna be sore for a while. I'd prescribe Tequila & Kronic. Tacoed that front rim. Looks like some damage to the tank. Anything serious?

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    npk1977 Guest


    Yikes! Wow, that sucks. Any suggestions for how to prevent that from happening to me?

    get well soon!!!

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    turbo/chaos Guest

    Default crash and burn in texas

    well i say to you all i think tyhis would of saved me
    a singel twin brake lever to make front and rear work at same time

    belive me that really works very fast stoping

    and since my rims where anodized in black paint that is what made me take so long on the stop

    now to make that not happen increase the stoping pad as best as posible
    and scruf up the rim as best asposible yes this may make the rim rust
    but just save up for some non painted ones it realy will help

    and no mater what ther is always a idiot out ther that just dose not care
    at all thank you who ever you are my neck and legs hurt but at least
    im still here.

    but the next bike will is a aluminum fram and im striping all the paint off
    mmmmmmm that polished aluminum chrom look ohh i think it will look nice

    but also for safety do wher a helmet it realy will help which i am doing now
    and if you do go fast by chose only get some pads im aiming to do 50mph on average when i get the gear so safety is the right thing to do later

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    sideshowsideswipe Guest


    I always wear my helmet since my wife reminded me that she doesn't want to take care of a paraplegic! I recently started wearing a right wrist protector and a right knee pad. (I always seem to land on my right side). Sorry to hear about your spill TurboChaos hope you feel better soon!

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