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    About Two Stroke Oils and Premixes:

    Read and take notes! :tt1:

    Oil Premix ratios are a subject that some folks tend to get
    emotional about . and like oil brand choice, our choices
    are about science and results.not emotion.

    One of the best "general" information articles about current
    two stroke oils is at the link below.

    it is "highly recommended reading" for any vintage two-stroke
    or China girl owner.

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    Another good article on oil by FFV8

    Much more to read in this link.


    Break in Oils

    Some people claim that you can't break in an engine with synthetic oil,or castor oil.
    Nonsense. :jester:

    You can seat the rings on a KT100 running synthetic Amsoil Saber at 16:1 in a couple of laps.

    Run what ever oil brand & ratio you plan to use in an engine from the very first start.

    Fuel mixture is much more important. Run a little rich at first. Re-jet, use partial choke - whatever it takes to avoid running too lean on a fresh engine. This will reduce cylinder temperatures while helping to wash away the metal particles produced by ring seating.

    There is a popular 2 stroke import engine out there with all sorts of break in recommendations. Extra oil, etc.

    The factory oil advise about 16:1 initially is ok, as long as you add fuel too.

    That engine is a low quality, inexpensive unit. I have measured cylinders at .005 or more out of round. Piston rings that only make contact at a few spots initially. No wonder they tell you 16:1 - the extra oil helps seal the rings! Running this engine at WOT with enough oil & fuel is the best way to seat the rings - and it will still take awhile..
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