Any Briggs and Stratton gurus hang out here?

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  1. Any Briggs and Stratton flathead gurus hang out here?
    Ive got a little 3 hp briggs .
    Its a flathead , and runs great as is.
    No governor , NT carb, open exhaust, etc.
    Id like to replace the plastic camshaft with metal.
    Good idea or bad?
    I realize the plastic cam might turn faster (lighter) , but I am concerned with durability.
    Should I leave it alone, or replace with a different cam?
    If I replace camshaft, any recommendations on a source?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. EEls

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    honesty, it will not effect the engine at all tbh. the best part of the plastic, it that if it freezes, it will just strip the gears instead of going through the crank case.