Broke welds on clutch bell

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    Didn't even hear or feel it occur. Just noticed my speed slowly dropping at wot like I was coasting. Revved it a couple times, no weird noise or feeling other than no power to my rear wheel, just revved up like it was under no load. I thought "awe shit, what now?" and cut off my motor.
    I was just a block and a half from work with 20 minutes to get there, so wasn't worried about being late because of whatever evils besieged my bike. I pedaled on and stopped at a 7-11 a half block away. Went inside and grabbed something to drink, and give the engine a couple minutes to cool. Went back out and popped my transfer case off. Immediately noticed my clutch bell stayed behind dangling from the clutch...bastard!!! Put the bell in my backpack and screwed the rest back together and pedaled the last block to work.
    Apparently the crappy welds decided to break. Who'd have thought just 2 welds on opposite sides wouldn't be strong enough (sarcasm). Looked for a replacement online, picture shows same garbage welds. Why its not welded completely around is beyond me. Is there a place to get a heavier duty clutch bell that wasn't welded by an 8 year old with 2 years experience? I'd prefer not to purchase the same failure. I have the grubee 4g with the solid 20 tooth to the 100 tooth with 6 holes in it and 12 tooth freewheel output sprocket.
    I also might be easily persuaded to get a cvt if the price is right. Been thinking about it for a while and this seems like a good opportunity to make that investment instead of getting the same bell that'll have the same thing eventually occur. Would bells for gopeds, mini atvs etc work? I'm willing to pay a little more than the stock replacement to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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    Brought the busted bell and shaft to 2 weld shops, the first was some old guy with the shakes from breathing in too many welding fumes. He doubted his ability to weld it perfectly balanced, as did I after watching him a bit. He was an all around asshole and claimed it couldn't be welded without heliarc (tig), and he only did plain arc welding... Moving on. Went to another nearby shop today and he said he'll have it ready tomorrow and will fully weld it instead of the 2 tack welds that it came with. It didn't seem to be warped or bent in any way, no damage other than the welds busted. Here's to hoping it will end up better than a new one :confused:.
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    Got it back, welds looked awesome. Balance seemed perfect. Took it for a spin and it's great!!! Here's to hoping it lasts longer than a new one with the crappy tack welds
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