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  1. 2 stroke ray

    2 stroke ray New Member

    Anybody put disc brakes on a Schwinn swindler? What is a good set for that bike?

  2. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Sorry but looking at the bike it's going to be a no go on the disk brakes. The front forks are absolutely not designed for disk brakes in the least, and I wouldn't even recommend putting an adapter in place since the poles are just too small, reminding you that the brake force is only working on a disk brake because the supporting frame or fork is accepting all the force at the point of attachment. So if you weigh 100 pounds it's several hundred pounds to even a thousand pounds of force being applied to the joint at the brakes. Yes the brakes are clearly able to handle the stress but the thing you clamped it to is not going to hold up, if you can crush it with a vice grip then don't put a disk brake of all things on it.

    Of course if having a fork collapse and half of it going into your wheel as you crash into the pavement is your preferred style of stopping then by all means, proceed.
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    I was going to say this but I couldn't be bothered. I goggled Schwinn Swindler and just rolled my eyes. :rolleyes:
    What's the deal with all these Schwinns anyway? Mountain bikes in short supply? I nearly bid for a Iron Horse hardtail that sold for £42 this weekend, but instead I spent £43 on an Italian made Marzocchi Dropoff SL 2006 (an OEM fork, mainly on Specialized bikes) instead.

    You could, I suppose, get a mountain bike fork and fit that instead of the THING the bike came with. Marzocchi made their MX Comp with a 1 inch steerer tube as late as 2006 too. Not a top notch fork but in this context it needn't be..
    Then you can buy a suitable wheel, and fit an Avid BB7 or whatever takes your fancy. :)
  4. 2 stroke ray

    2 stroke ray New Member

    Thanks for your input. I have already scraped the disc brake idea and am looking for something different in the way of front brakes.
  5. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Quick release fenders for brakes!
  6. Randall

    Randall Member

    I have disc brake on my front fork but it's a heavy duty Monark springer fork. Works great. Just my 5 cents (adjusted for inflation).
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    You can put disc brakes on that springer fork.

    Here is the disc brake adapter:

    Yes, the springer is not a very good fork but disc brakes are possible.
  8. 2 stroke ray

    2 stroke ray New Member

    New heavy springer for the Schwinndler. Gas tank almost done. Still need to get the disc brakes. IMG_20170201_125435.jpg
  9. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    With a disc on the front a coaster brake is fine for the rear, just change to a disc brake front fork, and of course a disc brake front wheel.

    A used mountain bike is a ideal as long a the wheel and caliper are good.
    And then there are triple-tree forks and hydraulic shock forks with disc brake mounts and V-brake mounts.

    But I do like this springer.


    This springer has disc brakes and pretty darn good.

    This is triple-tree forks...


    Dirt cheap, a hard ride, but good brakes.
    And this is telescoping shock forks.


    Lots of choices, but for a great ride I like the telescoping fork above best.
    That has V-brake bosses too, so you can get the fork and use V-brakes until you have the money for a disc wheel and caliper.
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  10. Randall

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