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    Ok, i'm having issues at the moment (some in here may say all the time) and can't seem to find any manufacturers of front QR hubs with dual disc brake carriers and forks with mounting lugs to carry the right hand side brake caliper.

    I have been making enquiries about getting a custom made 12 inch disc and caliper extension bracket but the two shops that i've been to are reluctant to take on the job as they've never made anything for a bicycle application and in such thin gauge stainless.
    One shop has said he will do it, but it could be upwards of $600 for a custom floating disc and caliper hanger.
    At this point in time, i don't care how much it costs, because i just damm well want the biggest, class leading bicycle disc brake on the planet, for my particular application.

    Having said that, it would look even more cool to have a dual 8 inch disc brake setup on the front forks and hub.

    What are my options in dual carrier disc brake hubs and forks?

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    Hey everyone
    I had the same problem and I decided to do something about it !
    I now make my own and they are available for sale.
    Theres more information here:

    We use them in our Motorized Bicycle Builds but they can also be used on any bicycle.
    And also take special orders & oddball sizes