Finally Got my Japan Chopper Going!

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  1. It's the GT 80 4.5 HP ported 66cc but I'm still worried I had a Shanghai chopper it grinded it's guts out took out spark plug while my finger around aluminum dust this one sounds like it's grinding too! I hope to fuck got enough oil in the gas. The fucking CNC carb falls off no matter how one tightens it, it will fall while tightening I solve it so far by tying it on with shoe lace can you believe it. I took a 20 mile bike trail test it did OK pulled me up some steep hills it was beautiful there haven't seen such beautiful scenery in years the AF Academy trail. It only does 22 MPH but the German Schwinn built for top speed 21 get to 22 start getting scared death wobble so it's a WWII alien bike does it have meaning we were suppose to be?

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  2. Frankfort MB's

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    What is your oil mixed at? Should be around 32:1
    I use nothing but full synthetic echo 2 stroke oil
    What size sprocket do you have??? If your only hitting 22mph there is something wrong unless you have a very short gear
  3. I'm running 16:1 for first 3 tanks then 20:1 I can't believe you would ever suggest 32:1 that will burn your motor out dude and the gear is stock I think it's 44 and the max speed for a bike is 21 MPH to go over that just 1 mile it gets scary you can feel a death wobble coming on been to 26 though got speedometer now either people are lying when say 45 MPH although they can by changing flywheel my 4.5 would fly me down am freeway has enough muscle but ain't safe don't wanna die!
  5. Look what happen to this poor fellow biker with a shady side.

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    so i can safely assume you smoke crack?
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    It would seem that way lol. How balanced is your rag joint? I've been 43 with no death wobbles, something isn't right. What rpm are you at when you're going 22 mph? Bet it's under 5k with that 44 tooth. You have adjustments to still make.
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    Ive been 40mph on a 75 year old bicycle and it is perfectly fine

    If you do anything that involves a motor bicycle it's not safe.... Common sense

    You don't know 2 strokes apparently....
    Too much oil is as bad or worse than too little
    Just about every about everyone that have built these things and gotten them too last will recommend 32:1 ratio
    I've had a bike that I run nothing but 32:1 full synthetic for 750ish miles and it was still running perfect
    You should be going faster than 26mph. I would be pissed if that's all I got out of it
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    I regularly put over a thousand miles on cheap top ends that I've ported to break 50 on balanced bottom ends at a 50:1 ratio. there isn't a motor in the world that wants a 16:1 oil mix.

    if you're getting death wobbles at such a low speed I would say your wheels, tires, alignment, or possibly frame geometry are suspect. I can hit 25 just pedaling with no weird wobbles.
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    Thats all I get out of my 53cc 4 stroke :(, but I can do the very steep foothills in my town below Big Bear without pedaling, although I pedal uphill to stay at max rpm (top speed)...Having to change my clutch every 2 weeks because I wanted to do 35-40 got me pissed :p.
  11. I called a few bike motor business the only thing they told me agreeing with other break in 8 ounce to 1 gallon after 3 tanks 6 ounces to 1 gallon. It sounds insane to use the method why do 4 stroke use an oil resolve? Why make a 2 stroke to begin with? Why not 4?
  12. Got burned today yesterday took my static schwine to REI to put suspension forks on it cost $137.00 cuz its an old classic collectors schwine has threaded tube got on it to ride away into sunset notice when I sat on it brake calipers open up weight on bike compresses causing slack no brake took this 43 year bike mechanic vet and me hour to figure out needs just like other Mt. bike liner brakes he got me good deal used 15 bucks. He used old brake pads that work to well don't know brand but gonna get them for rear well I took a corner hit the clutch then the brake grab so fucking hard brought the bike down to break my leg as I hop around for control my leg I was wearing short touch the motor for 10th of a second instant third degree burn blood flows out never had a burn like that went on my errand to store told female teller she says, oh dear I'll get you some bandages there blue, my hard hat is blue this morning at my hotel I'm staying by almost hundred mile bike bang on my door says, we are going to paint your door ... Guess what color BLUE!
    Well I'm thinking of buying a steel bike basket make a heat cage ... Does anyone have any expertise in this area?:)