head and running light on a 12 volt system

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by usnavyret, Feb 11, 2011.

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    hello to all. i have a 80 cc china motor on a huffy frame. this is my
    thing i want to do to it and ask for any feed back you all might have.
    i want to use a 12 volt motorcycle battery and run a set of led fog lights and a 12 volt red running light on my bike. so any info would be help full.:bowdown:

  2. GearNut

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    You can use such a system as a stand alone addition to your bike, but the built in 6 volt, 3 amp alternator in the engine will not support it. You will have to charge the 12 volt battery when the bike is parked.
    If you do a forum search on charging and lighting systems for the China engines you will find many, many, many threads on the subject. With a little do it yourself work on a regulator-rectifier and a battery box, you can build a complete 6 volt system that will sufficiently power an LED system.
  3. usnavyret

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    thank you GearNut. i was going to use it as a stand alone unit that i would recharge wene it got low.
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    have you used these? I've already got a 12v system in the works with a rechargeable battery, but I would love if it were a self-reliant system, instead of having to remove the battery to charge it in the house
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    Hello, Can the generator be hooked up directly to the battery a 12 volt moped battery to charge it thanks
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    I am trying to install a 12 volt charging system using a12 volt mini gen ,a gy6 regulator/rectifier and battery to run my headlight, fog lights, turn signals, taillights and ground effects (all led). Has anyone done this that may be able to help me or direct me to the proper thread?
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    I installed a 12v mini-gen and noticed a decrease in engine power, even without hooking up a voltage regulator or battery and lights. It seems that the drag on the magnet is noticeable with no load. I am building a variable regulator/rectifier to charge 8.4v Li-ion battery pack that will run my head, tail, turn and brake lights. I'm also going to add an expansion chamber and speed carb with a billet aluminum intake manifold hoping to get a little more power out of the engine to make up for the extra resistance the mini-gen has created.
    Has anyone else noticed this loss in power after installing the mini-gen?
    Feed back and suggestions greatly appreciated.