High Performance or best quality CDI/7mm upgrade ?, does one exist?

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    I'm overhauling a HT Lemon I recently purchased & am a noob to the MBc world. So I am wanting to replace my CDI with one that preferably has copper wiring or even better a 7mm wire and good boot. Right now I have a cracked boot and the boot doesn't even "pop" onto the plug nipple & the wire pops off the CDI itself once in awhile. I have read posts on using 7mm and I can go with that as a preferred option, as I believe my current CDI is fine, but I don't see how to make a different wire fit any better then the one that's popping off. So maybe I just need help on fitting the wire. Unless there is a 7mm or High Performance CDI out there...

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    there is a reg that sells better cdi


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    Could you provide me a little more info please & thanks.

  5. I simply got a plug wire from AutoZone and crimped a small piece of wire on the end OF wire to fit stripped end that wascrimpped left insulation on, soldered where I crimped then svreweed it into the CDI. Pull rubber boot sown over a smidge of good silicone, VOILA!!!
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