Sprockets Hub adapter too large

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    I just got a new bicycle for my mb rebuild and want to use a sprocket hub adapter to prevent wheel warp. The lowest size hub adapter I can find is for 1" hubs, I have a .90" hub. Any ideas if I could make a 1" adapter work, or is there an place that you know of that I can order one of the correct size? Thanks!

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    Well for starters can you use a different hub? Probably not, you likely explored the idea. Mentioned it anyways.

    I can't find anything smaller than 1 inch either, but the difference is only .1 inches, which a piece of metal which is .05 inches thick wrapped around the hub could work, that's about 1.25mm thick so you know. The manufacturer will almost definitely alow for some variation to alow the adapter to squeeze slightly smaller than 1 inch, otherwise it wouldn't be very tight and end up slipping, for all you know the adapter will fit on a .9 inch hub.

    Also if the hub you will use has a disk brake attachment, then simply use a sprocket that can be used on that, or use an adapter to go from the disk brake rotor holes to a standard 9 bolt sprocket.

    Super worse case scenario, buy a shift kit and enjoy the art of actually having a form of a transmission, which you'll love having regardless.
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    I had the same issue, I cut apiece of pipe and used it for shims, it's working fine