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    As can be seen in my introduction thread, im new to the forums as well as engines, however i have read alot of jaguar's site and some of the threads here and its hard to keep track of everything. My grubee 66cc motor seems to lack any power above 42kph, four stroking in the high RPM range. So I wanted to not only see, but compile a relatively complete list of free (this includes buying specialized tools or metal, common tools and materials less than a dollar/mod only)mods to ease power and ride comfort. So, help me compile this list? I dont need long technical details on why you should do it, thats what makes things confusing. So far, i have done the following:

    Ground down clutch actuator to elliptical shape to alleviate clutch pressure (yes, this helps A LOT)
    Adjusted carb needle C-clip (away from pointed end for leaner mixture)

    I vaguely recall:
    Shave piston skirt on intake side to draw more air
    Widen exhaust port
    Jb weld transfer ports to 'form an arrow' pointing toward the intake.
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    Less then a $1.00..... Good luck, as JB Wield, a file, and a Dremel tool cost more then a $1.00 each. Most people don't have a file and Dremel tool.
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    I imagine some sandpaper and a lot of time could replace both a file and a dremel (depending if the mod requires a cutting wheel) there is always a way around things, for example grinding down the clutch actuator took 2 minutes on a table grinder, but i imagine its doable with sandpaper and say, a solid 30 minutes