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    Hey everyone, this last winter I built up a Motoped using the kit as made by ShuttleBuddy.
    I finished it in the spring and promptly injured my knee fairly badly while riding it (my fault, bike was fine).
    After surgery and few months of rehab, I am able to ride it again, but fear I might again damage my delicate knee. So, with pressure from my spouse, I am forced to sell.
    The build cost more money than what I am asking. If you built one yourself you would come in over this amount.
    I am asking $3400 for the complete bike.
    Some spare parts are included, as well as the work stand, and a custom hitch mount carrier I made.
    The bike runs and rides great. It only has maybe 2 hours of riding on it with limited off road use.

    Here are some specs"
    -All aluminum parts have been anodized black before assembly
    -Fox40 Fork
    -Hayes disc brakes and 8" rotors
    -Lifan 125cc with semi-auto clutch, 4-speed manual trans
    -Custom LED neutral indicator light
    -Custom stainless steel low-exit exhaust (original exhaust pipe included
    -Full set of black plastics included

    For a complete set of pictures, see my flickr site here:

    I am located in Portland Oregon area and would prefer to meet in person and avoid shipping this thing.
    If you are interested, please Email me at

  2. compression

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    Price is $3800. (correcting typo above)
    Shipping to be arranged by buyer.
    I can break down bike for shipment, negotiated into sale.
    I will update this thread when it sells.

    MOTOMTB Member

    Probably one of the nicest Motopeds I've seen. I really love these. I custom build my own motorcycle frames. @ 3800$ it's a little high but it's worth it for the components it has. really nice build.
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    It is still available. I will update this thread when it sells.
    Just took it for a spin yesterday, still fun as hell.

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    Please feel free to discuss pricing with me. It is very hard to pin an asking price on something like this and I will listen to logical fair offers...
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    Hope it has a long happy life in Japan!
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    my name is nathan and im asking how much are you selling your motoped my
    number is 5593493388
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    Looks like it sold over a week ago.
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    How could you miss that post? :dunce:

    and this one too??? :jester:
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    I don't think gremlins get out too often!
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    I'm going to be honest I like the bike BUT. For one $3500.00 is too much when you can take an old steel frame bike less than 1/10 that amount. Now I like the bike but it's too heavy to peddle the fuel tank is too small and the engine by power/weight is questionable for that price range.

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    I like the build I'd buy it without mentioning the tires are needing replace they go over a hundred a pop for something decent.
    The bikes worth what you think it is and if I did have a chance to buy it rather than build one myself from scratch I'd overlook
    the cost of new tires.

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  16. KCvale

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    Nice MotoPed build, I'm just curious why you re-routed the frames exhaust.
    Was that 125cc engine just to big to let it pass to the back in the middle as designed?



    And if I can ask, where did you get that cool kick start?
    We just did a little cutting and welding work on the one that came with 88cc I put in mine.


    They are pretty awesome machines but the pedals are cumbersome for shifting, then again you pretty much put in 3rd and it's good from a dead stop.
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    So, after trying to bring over to Japan for a year we gave up and the owner in Japan wants to get some money back. Super great deal and still in shipping boxes when original owner packed it for me. Make offer, bike is now garaged in box up at mount hood villages area. Email