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    I've been looking around on Craigslist near me and there are some crazy prices on regular bikes.... I understand you have to make a profit because I sell my bikes too but I try to have the best product I can for the cheapest price! I've sold about 10 MB's each one better than the other, the most I've ever sold one for was 375$ because that was one cool bike!!! And it was also rare because it was a Heavi-duti Chicago Schwinn, very dependable also!

    So the ultimate question? What is something like this worth??? Truly??? I feel like making 100$ on each build is fair, so that's where I get my prices. Add up all the parts then add 100$.
    I have a board track racer that I have about 500$ in so I thought about asking 625$ish? That feels like a lot for such a small market

    Any thoughts????

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    depends on what it is.

    I see you're using china girls. Standard kit tanks. The restoration is gonna be a lot more. The big bucks are probably in vintage reproductions. If you drive it and someone thinks is an old indian or harley or board tracker theyll pay appropriately if they think you restored it. I've seen ppl around here selling china-mart bikes with kits slapped on for $500 and some sucker buys it. They had one which was an older 90s schwinn beach cruiser for $750. Just a regular cheapo kit. And someone bought it. It depends where you are and what you have and your skill I guess.