raced with some 50cc motorcycles

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    I got to take the bike out this weekend to race it with some 50cc pocket bikes. it wont lean nearly as far as the minibikes :D but it was a blast to ride!

  2. jaguar

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    how far did they leave you behind?
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    There used to be factory made full size 50cc bikes, like the Honda MB5 and the Kawasaki AR70. These bikes had manual transmissions and could hit 50 mph without blowing up. I would love to have one of these now, but the few that are left cost an arm and a leg. And parts are impossible to find. The benefit to a motorized bicycle is that it can be ridden in bike lanes and to the far right same as a pedal bike in my state, which makes them usable in town. Mopeds and small motorcycles and scooters are not allowed to do that, and since they cannot keep up with traffic, you will not live long on one in city traffic.