Retired Bricklayer -no more 'vehicles' other than bikes

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Darryl Harcourt, Nov 27, 2012.

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    After 30+ years of masonry, I finally gave up that trade & retired to a very small town.
    Gone is working as an employee & as contractor of masonry. (as a living)
    Financial adjustments came quick, first & foremost was vehicles.
    Being fortunate to live in a small town & retired, I bought a bicycle, my first since 10 yo.
    Grew up on dirt, ya know. First model year of XR-75 & all. (wealthy parents, thanks mom & dad) Purty old guy.
    Well, I settled to the 1996 Toyota 4x4 for keeps. All else went. But, ever since switching to a bicycle, that Toy hasn't been started in 6+ years.
    I cheated though with the bicycle. Front e-hub motor 48volt, Headway 16ah pack.
    For two years I kept up the insurance & tabs for the Toy, but never used it. At all.
    So, dropped it completely. Dunno, about $60 per month for insurance. It adds up.
    Gotz a Schwinn Chopper bike & a Trek mountain bike sharing the pack, as I choose.
    Both have 48volt front hub motors.
    I'ze gotz ta tilz yaz. (haha, see that 'punk' type?)
    It's great to have electric bike options. Pretty much no maintenance & some one with same set up as mine does 50 miles per charge for 5 cents cost of power in San Fran.
    I don't have fancy meters & such. Don't care in my case. But, 2 mile round trip to fetch beer, oh at least 10 times.

    Have a great day, Merry Christmas, and a very good New Year.

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    Welcome to the forum Darryl, you strike me as a person who made up his own mind and keeps his own counsel, the kind of people I usually get along well with and the heck with what anyone thinks. Enjoy the ride.