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    I recently took 2 frames and made 1. I took the rearend of a stingray and weldered it to a cheetah. When i put the motor on i noticed my sprockrt didnt line up. Id have to move the motor about 3 or 4 inches for them to line up. I dont want to ofset the balance. What can i do?

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    first, you could send pics
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    How do I send pictures
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    if you need different pics just let me know i

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    not sure how much work you want to do, but that last pic showing what looks like the bolt for the kickstand seems to have enough room to bolt or weld a pillow block and shaft with two sprockets on it

    looks like you could take the chain in to a sprocket there in line with motor, then take it out from the 2nd sprocket in line with the wheel
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    I think I have an idea of what your saying I was wondering if u could give me a diagram or a picture just so I could get an idea
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    Why do he have a bad habit of assembling these bikes in our living rooms/kitchens... I have to be careful if my wife finds one more "stinky" bike in our kitchen she'll apparently kill me.

    But that's where all the food is!
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    I'm not much with 'puters - put 'pillow block' into google & you'll see several shapes and sizes for ideas.