Bike Security worried about theft - thorough research - the BEST plan for locking my bike up !!!

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by abefroman, Oct 1, 2015.

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    Ok, I live in New Orleans and I'm EXTREMELY worried about my bike getting stolen - only when I'm out riding it and want to lock it somewhere. I keep the bike indoors at home, so no worry there.

    First of all, I have a standard kryptonite u-lock.. nothing fancy. but i also have a 3 foot 'onguard' heavy duty chain, that is extremely heavy. I'm NOT going to carry that damn thing. oh, i also have the master lock handcuff 9" locks... very novel and easily carried but I'm not sure how good they are against an attack.

    there are all kinds of neat locks on the market - that i found through reasearch. One of the ones I really like is the "Bully" alarm lock - with alarm and pager, but it's very expensive. I also like the ABUS granite U lock - some local bike shops say that it is the best you can get. I like the serfas puck lock and the abus fold up locks, but those are also sorta expensive and I worry about the rivets that hold them together.

    Another thing I learned from research is that no one can tell me what is the ULTIMATE lock for a bike !!!

    After weeks of research, I think I have come up with a plan.

    I have concluded that the best lock is MULTIPLE locks !!!

    So, I am going to use my master lock handcuffs, along with my standard u-lock, AND this really cool lock I got off amazon.. CHEAP !!! DO NOT LET THE LOW PRICE FOOL YA ! This thing is awesome and loud as hell.....

    Looks like someone came up with this lock design and its been copied and it is for sale by SEVERAL different 'makers'. I got the "QQ-Tech" version and it's awesome. and only $12 shipped !!!

    I was VERY skeptical when i ordered it, but i said, "what the hell, its only 12 bucks". definitely worth every penny. AND - it comes with 3 keys and an extra set of batteries !!!
    so, I'm ordering more of them to give out to my bike buddies i ride with.


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    and what are you going to do if someone forces you off the bike and takes off with it?
    nothing unless you have a GPS tracking device on it (Spybike)
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    If you live in a place where people would force you off your bike, first, I'd think about moving to a more civilized place.I gather also, the police would have FAR more intense things to deal with in a place like that than get to your bike, at least long enough for it to be chopped or resold.
    I personally carry AL sticks with archery tips JB Welded into the ends for dogs or people, and I know enough about anatomy to be able to scramble brains with one poke.If I lived in said place where people force you off your ride, I'd carry a .22 or .25 snub with bird shot for the first two rounds, and pepper the back of said forcees head.
  4. Couldnt of said it better myself iv got a 100k taser rigd in my frame to a old bluetooth speaker (for the bluetooth only)and connect it to my phone so when i go 15 ft away from my bike the bluetooth disconnects charges the taser and zapp zap zap if u touch my handle bars
    just make sure u reconnect or ull b quite surprised ...i go to court for a&b with deadly weapon because this guy hopped on my bike and pedaled off 15ft later his face met the pavement it was funny when i watched him look at it get on got comfortable pedal twice then tense up and bust his face on a newly paved parking lotāš”
    For my bikes sake ill take the charge hahaha