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  1. Timothy
    My first bike build. Huffy Beach cruiser with Bullet Train 80/66cc electric start.
  2. Thopaga
    Thopaga Fabian
    Hi Fabian.
    With joy I have read your post 'SickBikeParts Right Hand Side Chain Tensioner idler wheel options.
    Now I want to order the Right Hand Side Tensioner from SBP and Terracycle flanged idler Wheels.
    However I do not understand what to buy from Terracycle.
    Could you please tell me what to buy with link and dimension?
    Thanks Jon.
  3. dchevygod
    Impatiently waiting for sprockets
  4. Rogue..
  5. Rogue..
    Rogue.. jaguar
  6. Avyrus666
    Reed valve job coming up, possible bearing overhaul with a balanced crankshaft. Want nos or a jackshaft kit.
  7. Steve Best
    Steve Best
    Longime tinkerer
  8. Steve Best
  9. Steve Best
    Steve Best
    Tech and manager
  10. Passenger66
    Finished welding up custom exhaust using banana pipe and 3/4in conduit.
  11. Grant Welgemoed
    Grant Welgemoed
    My First Build
  12. Ryan Mosher
  13. billoz19522
    billoz19522 Quenton Guenther
    Hello, I am planning a cross country trip via whizzer. Looking for other whizzer riders that would help me navigate their area. Anyone ever tried this before I 'd like to talk to,thanks
  14. JONNI
    MY SSR bushan 49-q-2
  15. Flyinglow
    Hello everyone. Happy to find this site. Joined for support on building a folding bike under 50 pounds. I am an aircraft mechanic in MI.
  16. PulgaLouka
    Just started on my Stingray
  17. crazy mike
    crazy mike
    does any one out there have a gt80 raceing china moter and do what do you recomend for sparkplug and gap?
    1. gary55
      I've built a couple. I gap them the same as a regular engine unless they are getting a after market cdi with a separate coil. .027" stock .035" after market. Usually I just use a head gasket. Seems like their is always one closer than my gauges.
      Feb 28, 2017
  18. Benweadababyeatsaboy
    Chassy hubs spokes thicker rims brake power.much more emportant than the engine people
  19. Jimmyjimjam
    7 miles to work and it was good
  20. AquaManAndy
    Still looking for my doomsday bike