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And using the power of Picasa collage ( a real POS, but I'm hanging with it)
no motor but still badass. my friend tims custom electra ratfink not paint just rust
sutan's bike/motor
this isnt mine but it is really cool
here is an ausie 48cc machine iv just built.
EDIT: smurfer is having probs with his pics, stay tuned. augidog
As promised-- Positives-- It's a rip roaring 50mph monster, looks great, easily change drive wheels for lower gearing, starts on the fly, surprisingly quiet, still pedals and provides biking experience Negatives--Added 17lbs to my otherwise lite MTB, heavy rear affects handling,twist grip a little cheesy, legality? I love it although it needs a little tweaking-- easy assembly-- thwo thumbs up...
My 80 cc was mounted on a 26"mountain bike frame. It was an older one so it fit well and the engine mounted without any problems. I happened to have a set of heavy duty rims (worksman) from a tandum project that never got together so I sacraficed the gears and installed the single speed coaster brake rear rim . It has double thick spokes and a wide steal rim so it holds up well to the forces of the drive sprocket. When it came time to cut three or so links off the chain I used a hammer and a...
Glad to see a new forum up, I havn't seen any others since the Grubee forum went away last year. I have two motorized bikes. I was riding my stretch cruiser at the Golden Aspen motorcycle rally in Ruidoso, NM two weeks ago and out of 40,000 people and 15,000 bikers I was the only one that got a picture in the newspaper and on the front page at that. A huge picture of me on my bike on the front page. Me vs. $100,000 Harleys:
i finally got all my various parts and put my bike together this past weekend! i haven't really had time to 'finish it up' but i've ridden it a couple of times. i'll put together some pics and stuff when i get more time. peace.