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I wanna do a trike also now, looking at the Walmart trike for $269.99. I like your set up. If you're doin 31mph- You're nuts!! haha cool man! Does it seem pretty stable on fast straight aways?
no it is sary to ride if you go slow it is fine but going fast you are asking for a reck for sure
Are you using a sprocket that is already on the bike? Or are you putting an extension on the existing sprocket?
Hi unclegabe
The sprocket that I am useing is one that I got with the trike kit that I got from spooky tooth cycles.The hub came with all the sprockets on it already It is a cool set up if you want a picture of it let me know and I will post one
Makes me wanta do a trike too!!!!!!! wild exaust!, I got an old trike with an old sears craftsman 2 stroke friction type set up (25-28cc I think) on the front tire, 12-15 mph, but if you hit a puddle or if the road's wet the old worn out friction hub slips alot, free trike, $20 motor, $40 new rear rim, not bad but would love to do something like the set up you got. What size motor and rear sprock are you running? 31 mph geeeesh!! You got some really nice builds, I've seen some of your you tube videos, awesome!!! keep up the good work.......fun riden!!!...Late

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