Its nice to see people get a little creative and use some color. Does wrapping the exhaust really improve performance. Friend of mine recommended that I do it too. I'm self teaching myself about 2-strokes. Friend says 2-strokes work better if you retain the heat. I painted my block and exhaust with ceramic paint to hold some heat in. Do you know if there is a wrap in black? I don't want to mess up my color scheme too much.
nah they dont make a black wrap that i know of, but ive painted the wrap since this pic with the special enamel they make for that brand of wrapping. it hardens the wrap and makes it look almost like a cast youd get from the hospital... id definently recommend it because not only do you retain heat but you also prevent getting scalded by the muffler. i got the wrap and the special enamel from advanced auto parts.

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