MotoMagz, May 7, 2010
    • RedBaronX
      I'm usually turned off by the looks of the 4-strokes because from this side they always look like weed whackers (it's the big red cover that does it). Is yours in this picture a different kind or did you just take the red cover off...? I am going for the look of a motorcycle as much as possible with my bike, but everyone says the 4 strokes are vastly superior to the HTs....
    • MotoMagz
      The four stroke is is great and yes I removed the big red cover.Also added the airfilter.
    • buzbikebklyn1
      looks much better with out the red housing.
      did effect cooling for better or worse?
    • MotoMagz
      Removing the cover had no effect either way.It's not very hot in Michigan so not much to worry about.
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