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1321736059 picsay

1321736059 picsay
LR Jerry, Dec 19, 2011
    • brownboy
      say.. thats a nice ride, i got my fd on a 20" bmx I have to use a bungee cord for now as it dont have the little holes by the rear tire bolts to bolt the bracket to...I been looking at some cruisers that might b a better set up but i figure a drill mioght work wonders for me i have one of rthem kickstands on order like u have some cutting on the leg length might b needed.
    • LR Jerry
      Weld to your frame if you can before drilling into it. I really like the kickstand because it folds to the left side. A single leg stand left my bike vulnerable to falling over. My bike is back heavy. I didn't cut the legs that's why the front wheel is about three inches off the ground. It makes working or removing either wheel easier. For the rear wheel I place a stick through the front wheel and put weights on top of the stick this lifts the rear wheel off the ground. Then I can remove the rear wheel. See what effect not cutting has on your bike first.
    • SANDSA
      That is soo cool,Jerry,nice job..
    • LR Jerry
      Thank you. After the first of the year I'll be up grading the engine to a Honda GXH 50. My bike shifts 5 gears automatically.
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