20141013 171055

20141013 171055

What kind of bike is this?
I have a Mongoose Dolomite and my 49cc w/jackshaft kit won't fit :-(
How tight a squeeze was it to get the motor to fit? I see you have an offset intake, but in my case even the head didn't clear the top tube...
It is a Mongoose Beast,(same frame as the Dolomite) The motor is a 48cc Skyhawk. The motor is just sitting on the frame in this picture. I don't like how the motor sits so high, and the chain angle presents a problem for proper chain alignment, and frame clearances. I plan on stretching the frame so I can lower the engine and plan on using a jackshaft to get proper chain alignment. I am waiting on a garage to become available since I can't very well be welding in my kitchen. I will be updating this when I start working on it.

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