davidscott, Mar 17, 2016
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      David Bogle
      My friends and I love what you did with the jug, we're curious if there was anything more to your mod than just rotating the jug and piston and of course the exhaust and carb?, it makes so much more sense on every level- forced air intake, less stress on the exhaust studs.... How well do they run? Seems that the whole engine would run cooler =more speed?
    • davidscott
      runs better than stock, you will have to cut the intake and adjust it so the carb wont hit the frame and get the exhaust welded, i have done many bikes this way with zero issues, spin the jug and piston 180 degrees, its totally worth it, my bikes are different and thats how l like them
    • davidscott
      ported and polished FULLY OPENED TRANSFER PORTS , LOWER INTAKE FLOOR , RAISE EXHAUST CEILING, WIDEN THE SIDES OF BOTH EXHAUST AND INTAKE PORTS, i run only 110 octane in all my bikes now (leaded turbo blue not octane booster)
    • davidscott
      i have tons of tips and tricks that i kinda just thought why cant i do this? and then i would do it and man what a difference, DONT BE AFRAID TO RIP INTO THESE MOTORS AND FIX WHAT THE CHINESE SHOULD HAVE!!!!!!!!!!! any questions just let me know, i can upload detailed pics and info on any mod you have a question about.
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