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Yes I love my country and that is an American flag on my bicycle
Every one of these margaritavilles or panama jacks I have seen have broken seat stays where the rack is welded on. If you wanted to keep the bike you could probably beef up those areas and have it last a long time.
I put a longer seat pole. Or are you referring to the cargo rack that's welded on? I had bad experiences with the schwin beach cruise bolted on cargo racks. It bends into the spokes.
This cargo rack is rated 33lbs. I put a 1/2" plywood cut to size and extended it 4" past cargo frame support and paint to match and instead of bolts. I drilled holes and attach with zip ties rated at 75lbs. And attached old school milk crate after painting with zip ties too.
Its sturdier than the one I had on my schwinn. Schwinn bikes break. My frame broke in 3 spots on frame. Welding and JBweld so many times. Only got 1,500 miles out of it.
Thanx for telling me. So far so good and I put 42 miles on it yesterday....
Use electrical black zip ties, they do work if you use the right ones. Nuts and bolts will rattle loose eventually even with Loctite.
Dent on gas can from previous bike... Handle bars cause when I wrecked.. Dont have pics of it anymore... LoL

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