'46 roadmonster
 The front sprocket is also wrong for this bike, and the handlebars and headlight are going as well.

'46 roadmonster The front sprocket is also wrong for this bike, and the handlebars and headlight are going as well.

Great bike! I have some parts for a pre war Roadmaster if you're interested. Both original fenders, fork, hubs with skip tooth cog, chain, spokes etc. Let me know if you're interested. I was going to put them up on Ebay soon, but I'd rather get rid of it all as a lot. Thanks!
Montana Albitre
That is going to be a good looking bike. I think you could fiber-glass up a liner for the inside of the tank. Just line the tank with plastic wrap first and the resin wont stick. If you could find a Whizzer engine kit it would sure look cool. Have fun, Dave
Thanks for the advice Dave. I've been thinking along those lines too. The only obstacle is that concerns me is that I would need to cut in a filler neck, and fuel tap port on those 60+ year old tanks. I suppose the horn button hole could possibly be used to fill through, but it's halfway down the side of the tank, so I would only be able to fill it half full(being an optimist). They are also pretty narrow, so I might end up with very little fuel capacity. I'll probably use the horn tanks as a pattern to fabricate a more pleasing looking fuel tank. I'm thinking of tapering a piece of 3" schedule #10 tubing to match the frame lines. I have another Roadmaster bike to put these horn tanks on, since for the time being, I'm expecting to have to remove them to allow clearance for the underside clamps of the kit tank. I'm going to go with a pretty much straightforeward installation at first, and then make visual modifications from there.

I have been looking for a Whizzer kit for years, and never been lucky enough to find one I could afford. Somehow I did end up with some 20" whizzer wheels, but that's as far as I got.
Motorized bikes are illegal in my city, so I hate to spend too much money on something that I can't legally use. I didn't do enough research before jumping into this, or I might not have gone in this direction. This bike is going to probably be more of a conversation piece, and will ride around in my antique School bus/RV, for a backup vehicle, and for errands, or around the campsite.
Mainly, at the end of the day, I want to be able to unbolt everything, and have an ordinary classic bike again.

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