(6-23-2018) F

(6-23-2018) F

I bought this legendary Wald 157 basket for this bike when it was new in 2008. It's the biggest basket Wald makes and the bike is aero-limited to about 26MPH flat (5K), even with it's 40T. Bone stock and gutless, but still pulls decent down to 2500RPM, idles at 1200
I really like the smallblock chinagirl, expansion chamber someday maybe. More midrange would be nice. I drafted a car and went 35 once, about 7K RPM, smooth. This bike is not pedal friendly tho. Will scrape or pogo with more than 10 degrees lean. Duck n go, kinda slow. Contrary to my usual fastidiousness, this bike only has a rear V-brake and the Shimano MegaRange is locked in 4th gear.
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The drivetrain is worn to s**t, anyway lol. Cheap build, and the wheels+rear derailleur had come from my original red Schwinn. There's over 10K hard-pedaling North Dakota miles on that MegaRange, even before I put a few more in SoCal last decade. The bike sat from 2012-June 2018 on the side of the house, and at closer look, there's still some patina.
First time I built a 26" lowrider was in high school, back in '93..The basis of my method is to take a regular ol springer fork and yank out the spring, flipping the tab and using a short bolt. It changes the rake and handling drastically, imposes a steering limiter. The front and rear wheels rotate opposite each other and the front will raise while steering. It's very odd at first and takes a lot of hand strength and body balance to steer smoothly, but this bike is fun to bank into turns at 20+MPH. The steering is self-centering.

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