80cc engine

80cc engine

they arent acutally touching
they have about an inch or 2 from the exhaust but just to be on safe side what cud i do to prevent them from touching?
I cut out the connections and resoldered ends put on heat shrink tubing and then put in a wire loom and zip tied to frame rail.I do have a close up of frame in my pictures. A neighbor is wanting to do a bike so i think ill recommend this frame it looks really nice motorized and we can get it locally...Did you put locktite on everything? My kickstand and pedals and wheel bolts are the only thing i didnt and my kickstand was about to fall off so i locktited it now lol.
no i didnt
one problem i had was that the fat frame tube needed to be dented a lil so that the motor mounts wud go around it other that it fit well.

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