2nd Build

This is my second bike- 3G Cruiser with a 66cc, All black, ported billet intake, HD filter, expansion chamber, tractor supply tensioner fab, Mavick ex-721 32 spoke rims, ports modified, upgraded freewheel track hubs with sealed bearings, ngk plug and upgraded wire, kevlar tires with liners, neoprene rubber sound dampeners on gear and coil covers, 41t sprocket, shock seat post.

There's about 40 miles on it so far with top speed of 39.

The expansion chamber is dirty because I need a new silicone coupler so it's spitting fuel out, but I painted it with clear coat engine enamel to make it glossy.

I painted all the mounts, tensioner, bolts.... everything black.

I made foam grips to reduce vibration (world of difference!).

Last thing left is to secure all the cables/wire, and install rear caliper brake.
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