BMP Front Friction Drive - Rocky Mountain RM7

I altered my MB once again. This time I switched from front drive V-Belt to front drive BMP Kit friction drive. The kit came in 2 days via USPS Priority & was super well packed. This kit is very heavy duty & built beefier than I expected. I installed it in a few hours although I did quite a bit of custom work with hardware to allow the front suspension to operate. This change moves the engine lower but further to the side. So far so good. We'll see how tire wear is affected by friction drive after I get to put some miles on it. Originally my plan was to install my 1.5" v-belt pulley onto the 1/2" drive shaft of the BMP kit (the pulley fits perfectly) but since it came with drive rollers & I've always wanted to try out friction it is. After a few test drives using the larger of the 2 rollers in the kit (1.25") it topped out at 32 mph. I bought the unpainted kit for $99 + $12 shipping & sprayed it with Rustoleum clear coat for that 'Stainless Steel' look. 10/07/2010 - I just finished changing the layout of where the engine mounts to the steel channel of the BMP kit. By reversing the mount, & drilling a few more holes, I was able to bring the engine much further back & closer to the forks & axis of the axle for much improved handling. I left one pic up of the original mounting & the rest are of the new engine location. I am putting some miles on the BMP kit & am very impressed with the quality & performance of this type of drive system for bicycles. Went & flipped the uprise handlebars around for a better handling ride 10/22/2010 - Just posted new pics in the old picture gallery after converting the BMP friction drive to V-Belt Drive... -Lowracer-

lowracer, Oct 5, 2010
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