CaliCruzer 2011 G1

Operation: * Propelled by pedal or motor * Our own free wheel system * Easily power up hills * Capable of 100+ mpg (depending on rider weight, wind, hills, etc) * Achieve speeds of 30+ mph under motor power * Designed, engineered, and built in the S.F. Bay area. Engine: * Quiet 1.75 horsepower Honda type 49cc 4 stroke motor * Reduced ratio gearing provides generous torque * Belt driven primary drive with Centrifugal clutch * Easy pull start, push button kill switch * Runs on regular unleaded gasoline * Holds ¾ gallon of fuel in tank Bike: * Comfortable and Stylish Micargi cruiser frame * Front and rear Shimano brakes * 7 speeds * Less than 50 pounds of total weight (wet)

Calicruzers, Jun 21, 2011
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