Motorized Rocky Mountain RM7 -Super Motard-

I finally got my winter project ready to ride...I decided on a Subaru-Robin 4 stroke 35cc & Front belt drive powertrain providing 2 wheel drive (since I am an avid cyclist & enjoy pedaling). The front drive is a rim hoop JB welded to the front rim & an automotive standard notched 78" V-Belt with a skateboard wheel tensioner & a 1 1/2" front pulley from McMaster Carr. The gear ratio is similar to a friction drive without the need for jackshafts or further reduction.The mount is just some steel bar & 'L' brackets found at the local Lowe's Home Improvement store. I wanted to keep this project cheap & under the price of any kit available such as Friction/Gebe/BMP/Staton & with no welding. I am good at hacksawing & drilling but nothing more hi tech than that...lol. I got the new Subaru engine/clutch housing from Staton off eBay w/Bing discount for $248 & the rest was under $50. The throttle is a bicycle brake lever mounted to the left side handlebar above the front disc brake lever. The 7" front suspension still works perfectly & well matched to the 7" travel suspension in the rear...
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