MV - Arcidílo/Masterpiece

Project progress + final photos MV design - Arcidílo (in Czech it means Masterpice) Almost all parts are custom made by me, fuel tank is 100% hand made and took a long time. Most parts are machined from alloy. Bike has downhill specific usd fork and 6 pot/4 pot caliper brakes for safe ride. All parts are custom anodized or painted. One of main ideas was to build a motorized bike which will be able to pedal as easy as a normal bicycle and it does. People cant believe theire eyes when you past them in 20mph just with pedaling on this beast :D Engine: 4 stroke 90cc Pasini minibike (originally made in Czech Republic) Power: 8hp/8500rpm Top speed about 50mph (depend on gearing) For sell in near future for 5000€. -BEGIN PICTURE SLIDESHOW FROM LAST PIC-

MV., Jul 14, 2011
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