My first personal build: 66cc China motor on a Ridgedale

This is the first motorized bike that I built for (you guessed it) me. I bought the aluminum framed Ridgedale beach cruiser at Toys-r-Us for $119. I ordered a 66cc China 2-stroke motor for it for $137 shipped. I ported the motor, added an expansion chamber and customized the intake and air cleaner, swapped out fork for one with a disc brake and got a heavy duty rear wheel built with a band brake. I've had this bike well over 40mph after a break-in period, lotsa fun for sure! EDIT: As much fun as I've had on this bike as a will soon be converted to a 4-stroke, sad but true...and now it is a 4-stroke, the top 6 pics are how it looks now with it's new powerplant and EZM tranny.

scotto-, May 7, 2010
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