My Kulana Moon Dog

Here's my first build. I've been commuting on it for a while now. rides super smooth. can go no handed easily. tops out at 44mph, but I never see that. I usually don't go beyond 30. I'm a little light on brakes (no rear) The next upgrade is a set of hydraulic four piston shimano 'saint' downhill specific calipers. I already have the lines and calipers just need to find a set of shimano slx brake levers to complete the package. Gas Mileage is around 160mpg. Front fork is two different years put together so I could manage a 1" size steerer tube, 55mm of travel (measured), with a disc brake. front hub is a shimano generator, light is a matching shimano light. rims are sun single tracks. Dt/swiss spokes are custom laced by me! The exhaust is a pocketbike muffler and silencer with a ht aftermarket ebay front section with the rear pea shooter muffler lopped off. and I guess that's about it. For me it's a whole new category of getting around. I consider (and end up) taking it whenever I have an errand to run. I've driven it in some nasty weather and after doing so, I feel like It's not that big of a deal to use it everyday for almost everything. Toby

tob4000, Jan 15, 2011
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