My next build with new parts...

Went back to the Jag for the clearance issues for the engine. Bought a ton of new parts to totally redo this build. As you can tell from the various dates on the pix...this has been a continuous build. For instance...had to move the tank to the top bar to be able to get the tank to feed properly. The tail light broke off and have not gotten around to taking it off. Attempted to run with the new air filter...but since the carb is stock and did not have the tools to drill out the jet...had to go back to the stock cleaner until I can afford to buy another carb with a bigger jet. If you look closely...we kept the spring-loaded tensioner by replacing the spring with one you would use on a screen door. This way...the tension stays where it needs to and it doesn't wear spots in the roller. Ended up taking all the black plastic covers on the drive train/magneto cover/air filter and painting them blue with a clear coat of at least two coats. Sure it was more work...but at least the clear coat protects the actual paint and does look nice.

PhoobarID, Jul 9, 2011
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