Porkchop's Fiction Drive Schwinn Suburban

This is my first build. A Schwinn Suburban that I've had for about 6 years. I had only 5 miles on this bike until 2 days ago. I have a Grubee kit I was going to install, but decide not to because it was going to involve to much custom fabrication. I didn't want to chop up this "like brand new" bike. Decided to go with the friction drive set up from Bikemotorparts.com No particular reason why I went with them. A very simple kit to install. Took about an hour. I spent more time replacing gear shifts and all cables and adjusting the gears than I did installing the drive kit. I already had a brand new Harbor Freight engine, another determining factor as to why I went with the friction drive set up. Kit seems to be sturdy and of good quality. Tme will tell about the drive kit and the engine. I kept my bike clean and simple. No mods other than rapid fire shifters to give me more room on the handle bars for the throttle lever, and a new rear mounted kick stand, which both work great. I had twist grip shifter which I always hated anyway. Just a "plain Jane" sweet and simple build. Hopefuly it will give many miles of safe, reliable fun !!! And as someone else said, "A centrifigal clutch is your friend" !
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