not the cleanest build or the best looking, but it runs and runs well... I could wait no longer and I happened upon a free weed wacker on craigslist so... I decided to make a friction drive. The main goal of this build- cheap, build it out of as much stuff I had around the garage as possible. I've sunk very little cash into this but see how I could. The engine had very little wrong with it, just needed a new gas line, fixed that quick and easy. I had plenty of 1/4 all-thread the tubing from the weed wacker and some 1/8th aluminum all left over from other projects. I bent and shaped a mounting bracket from the aluminum and used the all thread inside the wacker tube to support the all thread and maintain a little stiffness. all in all it works pretty well. It can't haul my fat butt from a standstill but if I get it up to speed it will accelerate, and keep me going at a good clip. I put the speedo on it today and made a mount for a video camera with the last of the wacker tube.

ComfortableShoes, Aug 10, 2008
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