The "Charlie Jane"

Hi all, I started this bike in October 2008 and fnished in May 2009...I named it after my daughter and was looking to style it like the old "boardtrackers" from the early 1920's....I still have to fine tune a few things and connect a few things (horn, rear brake) but shes 99% there...The frame is modified but was a 50 something Hiawatha/Gambles...It sports a Chris Hill CH80 engine, a custom made (by myself) 3" diam brass tubing fuel tank, Grubee HD rear hub, Husky Bicycle rims with a Stumey Archer front drum and a side pull rear brake, a minibike throttle and chrome Lucas kill switch and horn button,springer forks and spring seat from Spooky Tooth, some gold tone chrome and lots of other chrome parts...It hasnt been on the road yet but I'm looking to get about 30 mph out of it....This was a lot of fun but I'll probably never build anything this custom again...I think If I ever do it again its gonna be a motor kit installed on a mountain bike....There were a ton a challanges building this bike but it was fun to get through those challanges...Thanks for all your help !
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