beer run!

beer run!
happycheapskate, Feb 4, 2011
    • happycheapskate
      The basket can hold lots of beer!
    • Albatross77
      1 or 2 cases?
    • happycheapskate
      Its a common milk crate I found on the freeway (11" inside span, square box). It can hold 2 of those 18 packs (36 cans) The bigger square ones don't fit 2 beside, but you can open one and stack it around the other box.

      If the crate is full, it feels like a stubborn passenger who leans the wrong way in turns. hahaha.
    • happycheapskate
      Warning: If you put that much weight on a bicycle rack, you better be using very good rack and mounts. I use machine screws with 2 locking nuts, through the rack and eyelets. The crate is tied to the rack with a bunch of industrial zipties.

      Also, steering is greatly affected! The center of gravity changes dramatically, and there is a danger of dumping the bike in a turn or at a stoplight.

      I frequently get loads of groceries and tie stuff all over the sides of the crate as well. Put the heavy stuff in the bottom of the saddlebags or center of the crate.
    • proctor-nashua
      **** lets stop talking and start drinking the beer are getting warm :)
    • happycheapskate
      Nah, I live within walking distance of the beer store, and my fridge has a dedicated beer drawer.
    • buzbikebklyn1
      I do the same thing with those plastic milk boxes, very handy.
    • happycheapskate
      Yeah, its really common, but it works well, and they take paint easily. I find them on the sides of the highways and sometimes in trash dumpsters. I found one in the lake last week. It's the perfect size for bicycle cargo, and you can secure them with 4 or more zip ties or hose clamps. Also, if you put a zip tie (edit: dont use zip ties- I lost a $15 flasher) or hose clamp on the back of the box, you can secure a red flasher. If you use a Slow Moving Vehicle emblem, it is a good mounting surface.
    • happycheapskate
      For Sale $400 with extra tires and some parts spares, running great.
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