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Bike revised

Bike revised
Easy Rider, Jan 30, 2009
    • imperfectionst
      This is so badass, when can I buy one?
    • Easy Rider
      We're almost ready for production. We finally got out all of the kinks. We just need to do a few more weeks of hard riding to see if we still need to alter anything. But it looks like its ready to go. I rode it this weekend and it felt like a 125 on the trails! I'll have a new video of it ripping thru the dirt up soon.
    • imperfectionst
      Is that a Chinese made engine? Edit: Oh, Morini. Nice.
    • love1to1fish
      Sweet bike bro,but how fast is it in km? and if your selling them how much?
    • S.PadreSurfer
      definitely post a video..
      i'd love to see it in action and know the price
    • Easy Rider
      Pipelyne will have 5 frames ready by the end of the week. I would give hime a call before they all sell. (408) 279-2307
    • dan650
      you should put a boost bottle and some nitrous on this thing, then it would really rip!
      I Need To Know How Much One Of These Bikes Cost ...can Some One Give Me The Highest Estmiante ...right Now I Have 439$ Save Up
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