Large Filipino

Close to new mall west of me

Close to new mall west of me
Large Filipino, May 29, 2008
    • mark2yahu
      ThatsDax' setup is kind of tall-ish but real stable looking. I wonder if a gas tank inside the triangle would work.
    • Large Filipino
      You'll need a pumping (diaphragm) carburetor to pump the gas to the engine. The carb on this engine is gravity fed.
      I like the gravity feed for one less part to worry about,and that 1/4 gallon tank only takes a dollar to fill up and good for 40 miles. That reserve container hanging from my handlebar (you can't see it on this pic,That's my tool pouch) also takes a dollar's worth of gas so I'm good for 80 miles. And it's a 4 stroke so I win at the pumps!
      When I get on my bike,I simply bend my leg as I go over my seat. That clears my engine.
      I like that when viewing from the front with the engine off you cannot tell I have an engine.
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    May 29, 2008
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