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semi trucks hate me for some reason i don't know why. with this set up i lit off all the car alarms in wallmart parking lot at around 10 pm. These train horn are the real deal from off a real locamotive train. most commen in fullerton they use a set four to 6 usually using this train horn called nathan K3HA and using the 5 chime nathan K5LA. My faverate train horns is called the Leslie RS5T supertyfon RRO train horns there bigger and pack a bigger punch. There known to be referred to the king of all train horns online. I had a set that i had to completely restore because non of the bells was working. I had to clean the air monifold and all the transfer ports the diaphrams and back plates and the power chambers. Not only that i had to custom make my own silicone pieces for the diaphram plate to press on. That wasn't easy to do. Thats leslie's **** design

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