allen, May 11, 2014
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    • allen
      Built Bike with HT R motor did not at the time knew they existed,Basic HT with High comp head ,8mm head studs , it is damn fast and a buzz to ride
      Then built a Trike,standard 60-80cc motor,easy enough to build easy to ride but,a trike with a motor could easily kill , great for all reasons,they stand up on their own,room for comfort things,good for just cruisin...Then they sneak up on you and if you forget and corner a bit fast,Good Night The Fox!!!!
      I sent the trike to GOD,before the trike sent me to GOD... never came off it but just knew it would happen... When you get really oldone just knows these things..

      Kept all the main bits and drew up some ideas,and plans.. Building Trike/Recumbent.. Now 77 and Bike seat does not cut it for me after a few run ins with cancer in the lower regions,,To be fitted with 50cc pull start ,centrifigul clutch, meaning if it does not start i DON'T leave home.. I will try to post some photos of it as it is half way there..If I where a wee bit younger I would have liked to race one of these HT little devils,, Stay safe and Happy and Motor ON!!! Allen
    • allen
      Bullet Proof @77;
      Pulled Trike apart, Bike hanging in shed roof ,may give it a run this summer.. Recumbent coming along few more days to go. Motor to bike Easy,Motor to Trike bit of a head scratch,Recumbent is a build from the ground up everything has to be fabricated should be a blast to ride with ones bum so close to road, Hope photos come thru... Stay safe and Happy, Allen
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