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@Street Ryderz well I believe any of these motors can generate 8hp if wanted, will the rest of the motor take 8hp is the question.

I know it's 66 bottom end indicating a 66cc stroke, so the question remains, is this 66 or 49? (he added a base plate to the cylinder which could extend the reach of the cylinder)
When trying to make high hp and torque the cylinder is the weakest link it doesn't like higher cr and heat the plating lets go! so with a good quality cylinder and beef up the bottom end yes you can make it work!
@Street Ryderz ah OK, I see, there was another photo I was referring to with specific measurements but I think it's unrelated? Also 49cc is a combo of diameter and stroke, lowering either one will lower the displacement, so I figured it was a big piston with a tiny stroke. I also don't do Scooters or much of that stuff, actually motorized bikes are the only thing I really do now as we no longer need snowmobiles and dirt bikes are not really all that needed on normal roads... Being a dad as well kinda puts a hamper on drag racing a 350 down the main stretch too, all I have is my previous experience with 2 stroke machinery and the scars that came with them. I don't even think I saw a scooter in real life until I was 18 lol... Either way a minarelli sounds Greek to me so I don't know anything of the standards they used.
I've been away for a bit guys. You are right SR, it is a 40mm bore and 38mm stroke.

I've been riding my quads in the snow and busy with work, have not progressed with the Minarelli.
Roads too bad to ride it if I get it going. It is so close to finished, gotta pull it together...

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