e mailpumpkin9a

e mailpumpkin9a

Thanks man! I did it with a dremel. Hopefully, you just brought it back up to the top of the list so other people see it! I'm really proud it turnned out so well.

It's the original patern from the headless horseman!

Don't know if you read the other captions but I scarred my 90lb dobberman so bad he almost pee'd himself!!!LOL! This dog is fearless and I snuck and set it up in the back hall where I let him out! All he could do was freeze for a second and start hopping up and down on his front feet! LOL!!! I'm still crackin up thinking about it! He turnned arround and went bannas barking after the initial shock! Never seen him get that nasty!
Get yourself a good pattern, tape it to the pumpkin and use a pin to ***** it in. Next set your depth on your dremel, USE ONLY THE EXTENDER HOSE FOR THE DREMEL! If you use the dremel w/o the extender, you risk ELECTROCUTION! Pumpkins bleed juice and you don't want it shorting the dremel in your hands! Buy the dremel extender and give it a go, you'll love it!

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Legend of Sleepy Buffalow
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