Extended exhaust arrangement

Extended exhaust arrangement

LONG! 1 metre of soft silicone hose, 13mm ID. This is probably about the ninth arrangement I tried, but the first one I'm satisfied with enough to photograph, so it's version 1.0
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@Frankenstein okay so I took your comments on board and I've been able to shorten the hose by 16cm, so it's now 84cm long, minus the cm overlap with the stinger so 83cm. Still a bit long but I'm happy with it for now. :)
@FurryOnTheInside I didn't mean it had to be changed, I just didn't expect to see something like that on a bike, my only thought is oil could pool up in there a little, but with about 14cfm through there I suppose it couldn't be much.. I would hide the whole thing with something probably maybe even wrap it in mini Christmas lights just in time for the holidays.

Then again I would probably use copper tubing, make it streamlined and aimed off and down to the side away from the wheel.
@Frankenstein I know but it was always going to be shortened, 1m was excessive for high frequency sound reduction. I'm not bothered about looks but it should dull down to a gross tar brown quite soon. :)
@Frankenstein No idea really, engine hasn't been started, but it's based on Fabian's stealth exhaust system. His had a different routing due to his shift kit which allowed it to be 76cm. It's rated for 220°c but it's cheap enough to replace, I don't need it to last forever.
I'll post a new picture tomorrow of the new shorter version. After the letting agent leaves. For now I have to hide everything and pretend I'm not using the apartment as a motorcycle workshop hehehe.

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